American Nudism

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Naturist Diary

A Sassier, Bolder Nudism



Let’s face it – compared to the European variety, American nudism has a different flavor. It’s bolder, sassier, more flirty and more mentally titillating than the kind we experience abroad. Over there they’re used to it. Here we’re still adjusting to the fact that we used to sit next to these women in geography class in the eighth grade, the ones whose bra strap sightings followed you all the home to bed and your hormonally charged insomnia. Being naked with girls was once unimaginable.

That makes it nearly unmanageable when, if fact, you arenaked with them now. These once empresses of teenage bedrooms with their dresser-drawer delicates and locked-door full-length inspections in boudoir mirrors. The girl whose panties you briefly saw on the playground now lies with them abandoned to her side in favor of an all-over tan on a beach that’s just off the…

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