” Naturism isn’t just for the Old “

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Naturism isn’t just for the older folk it’s for everyone old and the Young !  Young British Naturists – YBN is the recognised organisation for the young naturist

They say:
If you are aged under 30 then Young British Naturists (YBN) is the UK group for you. We have hundreds of members and arrange events both here and in Europe. YBN allows you the opportunity to enjoy freedom from clothes and the fun it brings with people of your own age. Our members come from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Some grew up with Naturist parents and for others YBN is their first Naturist experience.

What do you do?
During the summer months we organise visits to Naturist clubs all around the UK, usually camping, and get groups together to attend BN’s big events. During the day we laze in the sun, swim, play sports…

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So, Who Cares If I Call Myself a Naturist?

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I don’t have the luxury of living nude twenty-four/seven. I live in Canada where the weather has this particular habit of joyfully celebrating snow and extreme cold temperatures. Weather aside, most of us have to earn a living in a society that is extremely unaccommodating to our desire to work without wearing clothing. I can’t blame it all on gymnophobic attitudes as some careers require clothing to be worn. Try fighting fires in your bare skin or working in mine shafts or in lumbering or in fishing on the cold, northern reaches of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans without the protection of clothing.

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