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What’s the Difference Between Naked and Nude via Casually Nude in Alabama

Conversationally, naked and nude are pretty much interchangeable. However, many people, especially in the artistic community, do say there are differences. In these cases, the differences are as follows: 

Nude: To be without clothes, or bare, in a setting that the subject feels safe and comfortable, and they are not being represented in a sexually accessible manner. For instance, the Roman statues of the vestal virgins would be a nude. Michelangelo’s David would also be an example. They are unclothed bodies that are intended to represent natural beauty, not to create impulses. 

Naked: To be without clothing, or bare, in a setting that the subject would be embarrassed, left feeling exposed and defenseless, or to be presented in a sexual manner. A woman that is unclothed, except for her high heels and red lipstick, would be naked. An unclothed prisoner…

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