The Naked Truth.........

The problem naturism tends to have in general, is that many people in society tend to think that there are other agendas going on at clubs and beaches, other than just the desire to be clothes free. Body issues tend to cloud people’s views and this in the end results is corny jokes or a rejection of the naked lifestyle point blank. Naturism will change your life for the better, it will give you self-confidence if you let it and it can be a much better option than growing old, grumpy and taking to the bottle. Maybe that’s the reason many older people turn to it, maybe that’s the reason why many famous people, living and now dead, have become naturists at one time or another. Celebrity naturists of which there are many use or used the pastime to relax from their “In the Spotlight” lives and include:-

jade-jagger-nude-6Johnny-Depp-YachtPX 65-105:165

Living:  Christina…

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