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This post is part of a series of posts inspired in part by the book Co-Ed Naked Philosophy written by Will Forest

The British euphemistically refer to the genital area of the human anatomy as the bits usually the “naughty” bits. Browsing the web, and following people on Twitter and Flickr has brought me to the conclusion that many Western, and in particular American people are obsessed with their “naughty” bits. Guys seems obsessed with posting pictures of their genitals and focusing undue attention on them, while seeking out images which focus on the female genitals (crotchshots). Women seem to be less obseesed with seeing men’s “bits”,  they seem overly focused on how men perceive their bits including the female breast. As a person prone to inquiry I can’t help but ask why is that? Why the undue focus on one area of the body? Why not appreciate whole body…

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