Musings of the Amusing Muse

Dear Readers, I’ve been rolling the idea for this post around in my head for while and there just isn’t any other way around it – I’m an Accidental Nudist.

I grew up in a Catholic household.  I went to Catholic grade school.  I was taught that being naked was shameful and all that jazz.

And then there was the tiny fact that we had shelves-upon-shelves of National Geographic books and magazines… with naked or semi-naked people plastered on the pages.  Within the house there were also books on drawing people, namely “nude figures”, where I’d stare in fascination for hours at the naked bodies.

Oh, I was conflicted.  Surely I was going to burn in the fiery depths of hell in damnation for my sins of gazing upon naked bodies (even if they weren’t actual naked bodies, just drawings).  I never got up the gumption to ask why, exactly…

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