The Naked Truth.........

It seems that in this day and age, people are now less likely to join organised clubs, groups or even pledge allegiance, to one specific political party. Whether this has anything to do with disenchantment, laziness or lack of interest it’s not really clear, but memberships in most of the aforementioned seems to be disappearing year on year. Maybe it’s not all that it seems, when you see that people now, tend to switch votes at a general election, voting tactically to get shot of the incumbent government, rather than voting for the party that reflects their full on political views. Smaller parties such as the UKIP, the Green Party and even the much loathed BNP, get votes from some disenchanted voters and this tends to see the larger Labour and Tory majorities dissipate. When it comes to naturism the story is exactly the same. BN’s (British Naturism) membership has…

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