I would have kicked his ass, then let the police have him….


NATIONAL CITY, Calif. — The cousin of a teenager who was attacked on the street near her home chased down and captured the man accused of molesting her.

The girl and a friend were walking home from a convenience store at the intersection of Plaza Boulevard and Harbison Avenue at about 7 p.m. when a man driving a BMW stopped the car, got out and grabbed the teenager.  The girl’s cousin said he heard a disturbance outside the family’s home, so he ran outside with a clothes iron. He threw it at the attacker, who tried to run off. At one point, the man lay in the street and was run over by a car.

“He grabbed my cousin and tried to molest her, I guess, and I ran out and chased the guy,” Esteban Torres said. “He tried to get into his car. Then he ran up the street…

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